Finland aims at ratifying ILO convention 169

The Finnish government lead by Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen has announced it aims at ratifying Convention 169 on the rights of Indigenous and tribal peoples of the International Labour Organization.

The Finnish Government aims at doing so as a part of its program for the 2011-15 electoral term. It intends to set up a committee to establish the preconditions for ratifying the convention.

On 23 August, the Finnish Government issued a resolution on its revised Arctic […]

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Conference: Land and sea rights of Indigenous peoples

“Land and Sea Rights – Protecting the rights of Indigenous Peoples to Land and Sea” is the title of this Year’s Forum Conference set to take place in Tromsoe, Norway, on 30-31 October.

The Forum for development cooperation with indigenous peoples is a meeting place for indigenous peoples, indigenous people’s organisations, researchers, development workers and managers engaged in North-South cooperation on development.  The Forum works to strengthen the attention to indigenous people’s issues in aspects […]

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Arctic Dialogue workshop II

While no news has to count as good news about negotiations between the Arctic Council and the EU about the latter’s application to become an Observer in the former, renewed efforts are being made to keep afloat the dialogue between the European Commission and Arctic indigenous peoples.On 18 October, a 2nd Arctic Dialogue workshop took place in the exact same location as the first workshop had in March 2010, the Schuman room of the Berlaymont […]

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Academicus Arcticus 2013

The Arctic Institute held its second Academicus Arcticus young Arctic scientist award ceremony today. The award committee headed by Arctic Institute director Bent Nielsen appointed Nynne Hjort Nielsen 1st prize winner of 10,000 Danish kroners for her work on porpoises in the waters around Greenland.

2nd prize of DKK 5,000 went to Asta Moensted for an article on the cultural role of the drum in Greenland. Marc Jacobsen received 3rd prize and DKK 3,000 for a study on […]

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Tsunami radiation legacy

In Alaska, people worry about increased levels of radiation arriving in the state’s Northern and Western coasts, a late consequence of the march 2011 Fukushima meltdown. Radiation levels, allegedly reaching those of the 1960’s Cold War, have recently been measured by the University of Alaska and others, raising concerns over possible contamination of fish and wildlife.

The Tsunami caused by the 2011 Tohuku earthquake in Japan reached hights of up to 40 metres and travelled about […]

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Inuit Season in Chukotka

November 7, in honor of founding father of Inuit Circumpolar unity Eben Hopson, who was born on that date in 1922, was declared “International Inuit Day” at the 2006 Inuit Circumpolar Council general assembly in Barrow, Alaska.

The late North Slope Borough mayor hosted the first ICC assembly in 1977, gathering delegates from Greenland, Canada, Alaska and Chukotka and passing resolutions on land claims, environmental protection, health, culture and education. The Vision of Mr. Hopson […]

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Seal ban opposition

The European Court of Justice, in a decision issued on October 3, found that the European Court was correct when earlier this year, on April 25, it ruled that an appeal by Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami (ITK) and its allies is inadmissible.

All in all some 17 parties – organizations like the Fur Institute of Canada, the Canadian Seal Marketing Group, the Inuit Circumpolar Council Greenland, hunters and trappers groups and fur companies in Canada, Norway […]

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40 years of Arctic indigenous cooperation

The Arctic Peoples’ Conference organized by the Inuit Circumpolar Council celebrating 40 years of indigenous cooperation took off yesterday with opening speeches by ICC Chair Aqqaluk Lynge and by two of his fellows, President of RAIPON Grigoriy Ledkov and President of Saami Council Aile Javo, as well as by emeritus professor Robert Petersen.

Hosted by Greenlandic member of the Danish Parliament Sara Olsvig, the conference took place in the Landstingssalen of the Christiansborg Castle, i.e. […]

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Greenland – the 51st state?

”Welcome to the 51st state of the United States.” Thus US Secretary of State Colin Powell greeted his Danish colleague, Foreign Minister Per Stig Moeller, when the two met in May 2008 in the South Greenland village of Igaliku, home town of Josef Motzfeldt who hosted the meeting in capacity of member of the Greenland Government for Foreign affairs.

Former Foreign Minister Moeller related the incident when he spoke on the second day of the […]

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WTO and the Inuit exception

Last Monday, 25 November, the World Trade Organization, issued a report saying EU’s ban on seal skin products is not consistent with international trade agreements and recommending EU bring measures under its seal regime into conformity with its obligations.

Following complaints from Canada and Norway, WTO, in 2011 established a panel tasked with looking into the claims of the two countries, i.e., that the ban discriminated against their access to the European market, violating various […]

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